The European Court of Human Rights – The judge-reporter, Mr. Egidijus Kuris, makes decisions in the name of chairman Guido Raimondi

November 4, 2014

Within the framework of the ill-famed “written procedure” the reporter of the second section of the European Court of Human Rights, Mr. Egidijus Kūris, is acting as though he was Big Brother the Almighty.

His subordinate, the Lithuanian “legal secretary” Mr. M. Cerniauskas, is sending letters (containing answers to questions, decisions etc.) to applicants maintaining, for example, that the chairman of the second section has asked him to tell (an applicant) this and that, using computerized textblocks and the computerized signature of the section registrar, the deputy section registrar or alternatively the chairman of the second section, Mr. Guido Raimondi , just as fits the special occasion.

It is an outrageous fact that these persons do not know anything of the use of their computerized signatures, as they are not informed about anything, and therefore see nothing, hear nothing, can check nothing, tell the Lithuanian “legal secretary” nothing, undersign nothing. Everything happening within the framework of the “written procedure” is the result of the arbitrary opinion and decisions of the reporter, former especially trustworthy communist party member, holder of a Lenin scholarship, communist youth official, Mr. Egidijus Kūris, who is also the son of a high-ranking collaborator of the former unlawful occupational regime in Lithuania, Mr. Pranas Kūris, former Minister of “Justice” of the unlawful occupational regime.

Photos (from above): Chairman of the second section, Mr. Guido Raimondi, judge-reporter (“Big Brother”) Mr. Egidijus Kūris, Mr. Pranas Kūris

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