Human Rights Lithuania



The Stalinism carried out by the Soviet communist party since 1918, is viewed as responsible for the deaths of about 60 million people, no less criminal than Hitler's Third Reich.

The Russian occupation of Eastern countries known as the "Soviet Block" was covered by locals, often freed from prisons by the Russians and who thus had strong ties with the mafias. These collaborators were trained by Moscow and served Moscow, as well as they served themselves, by unlawful expropriation.

Moscow ensured "the fall of the iron curtain" in 1989 for economical reasons and democratised its policy. Sons and grand-sons of former Soviet collaborators came back to power by political campaigns subsidised by mafias. The surprise comes from the European Communities, who now entrusts the application of the International laws to some Moscow trained communist hardliners of the former Soviet block countries, who have joined the Union.


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